What to expect when selecting your benefits


This article will provide a brief overview of what you can expect when selecting your benefits. The reason you’re selecting benefits may be because it’s your company's annual open enrollment period, you’re a new hire, or you’ve experienced a change such as having a baby.

Selecting benefits in Maxwell is similar no matter which of these situations you’re in. However, if you are electing benefits during your annual open enrollment, and your existing benefits appear in Maxwell, you'll see a comparison view for easier shopping.

There are three steps you’ll typically take in Maxwell when selecting benefits:

  1. Enter your profile information
  2. Shop for benefits
  3. Review your selections and check out

Once you’re done with these steps, your benefits administrator will take your selections and enroll you with the carriers.

Enter your profile information

This is where you’ll enter all of your profile information, including information about your family members. It's important that this information is correct as it's what will be used to enroll you in your benefits with the carriers. In the next step, as you add benefits to your cart, you’ll only have the ability to cover family members as dependents if you have them listed here.


What if I need to go back and edit profile information?

If you need to edit your profile information, you can do this by clicking My Profile in the top navigation and clicking Edit to the section where you need to make changes. If you're in the middle of a shopping event, you can edit right away. If you're not in the middle of a shopping event, you'll need to fill out some more information to notify your benefits administrator why you're making a change at this time.


Review your available benefits

After completing your profile and dependent information, you will be able to start shopping for benefits. Maxwell aims to make your benefits enrollment simple and familiar, much like any site you would purchase products on today.

Browse all your available benefits in your benefits cart. Then, review the plan options for each benefit. You'll be required to enroll in or waive some benefits, as denoted by an asterisk (*). 


When you find a plan that works for you, add it to your cart. If you don't want a benefit, you can choose to waive it. Each plan may have some additional options to select, such as the family members you want to cover before you can add it to your cart. 


For medical, dental, and vision benefits, if you have multiple plan options to choose from, you can compare plans side-by-side.


When you're done adding one benefit to your cart, you'll see a prompt to move on to the next benefit, as well as a summary of the cost per pay period so far. Click Next and keep shopping!


Review your selections and proceed to checkout

After you've taken action on each benefit type, it's time to return to your benefits cart and carefully review what you've selected. When you're done reviewing, click Proceed to Checkout


Reviewing your cart & proceeding to checkout

Final review and submit your enrollment

This is your chance to complete a final review before submitting your enrollment to your benefits administrator.

Before you click Submit Enrollment, make sure to add any beneficiaries if you've selected products that require them. If you have products that require beneficiaries, you'll see a button that says “Update my Beneficiaries” above the "Submit Enrollment" button at the bottom.


Once you complete everything and feel confident in your selections, scroll down and click Submit Enrollment as the final step!

Important: Some benefits may require that you fill out a form after you checkout. This will be shown on the page after you've submitted your enrollment. Make sure to complete these if available.

Sign Electronic Forms

 You'll then be brought to a confirmation page where you can review your now pending benefit selections.

Confirmation Screen


Congratulations, you've successfully submitted your enrollment!

If you have any questions as to the status of your enrollment, please contact your company's benefits administrator for more details.

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