How do I add or update beneficiary information?

How you add or update beneficiary information depends on whether or not you’re still selecting benefits.

I'm still selecting benefits and have not checked out

You will need to add or update beneficiary information right before you submit your enrollment on the "Final Review" page.

  1. Click Review My Cart
  2. If any of the benefits you selected require beneficiaries, they'll be listed under "Beneficiary Information." Click Add/Edit Beneficiaries.

  3. Add beneficiaries to all products listed. Make sure that the "Amount" field adds up to 100% if you're adding more than one beneficiary. When you're done with all products, click Save & Continue. You can then submit your enrollment!


I have already submitted my enrollment

You'll need to navigate to My Benefits > Beneficiaries page to edit your beneficiary information for current or pending products.

  1. Click My Benefits or My Profile then Beneficiaries on the left sidebar.
  2. You'll see the beneficiary information pre-populated. Select the product(s) you want to change the beneficiary information for.
  3. Add or make changes. Make sure to save your changes when done and that the "Amount" field adds up to 100% if you're adding more than one beneficiary.


Q: I can't select an existing beneficiary in the "Use An Existing Beneficiary" drop-down. What's wrong?

A: This is probably because the beneficiary existed before the ability to select an existing beneficiary went live on October 6, 2017. If you add any new beneficiaries going forward, you'll be be able to select that beneficiary and use again.

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