How do I know if I'm enrolled? When will my benefits start?

After you've successfully submitted your enrollment, and completed any necessary forms, it may still take some time to process that enrollment with the carrier or vendor. You can tell the difference if products are still pending approval, are approved but will take effect in the future, or are approved and you're currently enrolled in by clicking My Benefits.

Pending Products

Any pending products you have, which have not yet been approved and processed by your HR Administrator, will be listed here under the “Pending Products” tab to the left.

Products listed as "pending" have not been approved by your HR Administrator yet

TIP: You can also view and print a summary of your pending products by selecting Benefit Summaries on the sidebar. The Future Benefits Summary will have a "pending" note indicating one or more of your products are still pending approval by your HR Administrator. Note: "Future Benefits" that are pending means any products the employee is not yet enrolled in, even if the effective date is backdated and technically not in the future. This means that a product could appear as pending on a “Future Benefits Summary” when you look at it on 11/2/2017, but the effective date for the product is 11/1/2017. This is because the product hasn’t been processed yet. Once processed, it will move to the “Current Benefits Summary.” To see which products are pending approval by your HR Administrator, head to "Pending Products."


Current Products

Any current products, which mean you are enrolled in them, will be shown in their specific product category, such “Medical Plans,” “Dental Plans,” etc. You can view the effective date (when your benefits start) on the tile, or click on the product tile for more details.

TIP: You can also view and print a summary of your current products by selecting Benefit Summaries on the sidebar. This summary will include all products you're enrolled in as long as today's date is after the effective date of that product.


Future Products

You can view your future products that are pending approval by your HR Administrator, or that have been approved but the effective date hasn't arrived yet, in the "Future Benefits Summary" under "Benefits Summaries."




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