How do I know if I'm enrolled? When will my benefits start?

After you've submitted your enrollment and completed any necessary forms, it may still take some time for your benefits administrator to process that enrollment with the carriers. You can tell the difference if benefits are still pending approval, are approved but will take effect in the future, or are approved and you're currently enrolled in (meaning, you can use them now). For all benefits, you can click into the plan for more details.

Pending Benefits

Any pending benefits you have, which have not yet been approved by your benefits administrator and the carrier, will be listed as "Pending Benefits." 


Current Benefits

Any current benefits, which mean you are enrolled in them and can use them today, will be shown under "Current Benefits."


Future Benefits

Any benefits that have been approved by your benefits administrator and the carrier will, but are not effective yet, will be listed as "Future Benefits." 


TIP: You can toggle between the different states your benefits are in and also view and print a summary for each.


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