View your current benefits

If the benefits you're currently enrolled in are in Maxwell Health, you can view those benefits and their specific details. You can do this via the web or on the Maxwell mobile app.


  1. Log into Maxwell Health and click My Benefits from the drop-down.
  2. View all the different benefit categories, such as medical, dental, ancillary, etc. using the sidebar. Click on the benefit category you are interested in to see the enrolled benefit(s).
  3. Click on the specific product tile to see the key details for it.


You can also view and print a "Current Benefits Summary" by clicking My Benefits Benefits Summaries > View & Print Summary.



If you haven’t already, download the mobile app by searching for “Maxwell Health Mobile” on the iOS App Store or Android Play Store. Log into the mobile app using the same email and password you used to log into the web. Once inside the mobile app, you can see all your current benefits.

Each current benefit is represented by a “card” and if you select the header of a card, it will open up more information such as the key details.

For a full overview of using the mobile app, check out our Mobile App Step-By-Step Guide.


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