Selecting benefits during annual Open Enrollment

Annual Open Enrollment is a period of time, almost always occurring once per year, when you select your benefits for the next 12 months. During this time, you can log into Maxwell and see all the benefits that are offered by your employer. 

During your annual open enrollment time, you can:

  • Enroll in or waive benefits that are newly available to you.
  • Make changes to your basic personal information and/or current benefits.
  • Add or remove family member(s) from your benefits.

Important: Annual Open Enrollment is a crucial time of the year, as it's potentially the only time per year that you can make new selections, as well as make any changes to your current benefits. Make sure to take advantage of this by looking through all your available benefits and select the ones that will help you throughout the coming year.

In addition to the information laid out below, we also have two .pdf format assets:

What do I need to do during annual Open Enrollment?

There are a couple key steps that are very similar to our guide on What to Expect When Selecting Your Benefits. You should have been notified of your upcoming Open Enrollment, including when it begins and ends. Before you log in and complete the steps below, make sure today is actually within your Open Enrollment period, otherwise you will not see any benefits to select from. The steps are:

  1. Complete personal and dependent information
  2. Shop and add products to your cart
  3. Review and submit your enrollment

Complete personal and dependent information

First, you'll need to make sure all your personal and dependent information is up to date and accurate. Information entered here will be used while you shop for products and select coverage levels. 


  • Enter all the required fields, denoted by an asterisk (*). If your child does not have a social security number yet, reach out to your HR Administrator by clicking Help at the top of the page.
  • You should add all the dependents that you may want covered on your benefits. If you're shopping and need to go back to add a dependent, follow the steps outlined in the article on adding a dependent.

    Updating personal information in Maxwell

    Add, editing, or removing dependents in Maxwell

Shop and add products to your cart

Browsing products

Maxwell aims to make your benefit enrollment simple and familiar, much like any site you would purchase products on today. After completing your personal and dependent information, you will be able to start shopping for benefits.

Benefits, or products, can be browsed by category. When you find something you want, simply add it to your cart. If you don't want a product, you can choose to waive it. Make sure to do this for any required categories, as denoted by an asterisk (*). Each product may have some additional options to select, such as coverage levels, before you can add it to your cart.